Why Are Truck Accidents So Devastating?

Because of the size and nature of commercial trucks, accidents involving these vehicles can lead to catastrophic damage and even death. Chances are that following a truck accident, the company’s insurance agent will offer you a settlement that is almost always far lower than you deserve.

At Shariff Law Firm, PLLC, we believe truck accident victims should recover damages for all accident-related costs. Contact our talented legal team for help recovering from your truck accident injuries. Whether you are suffering from broken bones, burns, traumatic brain injury, damage to internal organs, or a lost loved one, we can help. Call us today at 713-244-8392.

What Are Some of the Most Common Truck Accident Injuries?

Truck accident injuries are typically very severe, with victims who are lucky if they can walk away from the accident. Your injuries could lead to hospitalization, surgeries, and long recovery times, leaving you unable to work and provide for your family. This is when you need a personal injury lawyer to help get the maximum compensation you’re due. If you have experienced an accident with a commercial vehicle, please seek immediate medical attention.

Some common truck accident injuries include:

Head and Brain Injuries

A head or brain injury is one of the most common injuries after a truck crash. Because of the violent nature of truck injuries, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, blunt head trauma, and lacerations to the face or scalp are common. These injuries can cause long-term side effects that disrupt an individual’s daily routine for life and may require expensive medical care.

Back and Neck Injuries

Large tractor-trailer collisions have the potential to cause devastating spine and neck injuries. Muscle strains, tendon injuries, herniated discs, and ligament injuries are common. Back and neck injuries can cause long-term pain and suffering, requiring expensive ongoing medical care to treat the symptoms.

Broken Bones

Any motor vehicle accident can result in broken bones, especially in the hands and feet. While many broken bones heal nicely on their own, severe fractures can require expensive surgeries and follow-up care.

Compound fractures, or when a bone punctures the skin and becomes exposed, are also possible after a truck accident.

Spine Injuries

A spinal cord injury happens when the spinal cord is damaged or severed in some way. Because of the violent nature of truck accidents, these crashes can result in partial or total paralysis. Some victims are unable to walk again, while others require assistance with tasks like eating, bathing, or even speaking.

Burns and Disfigurement

In some truck accidents, the violent impact causes an explosion in or outside the vehicle. Many victims suffer severe burns, which can lead to permanent scarring and disfigurement. Recovering from burns can be challenging, and some people even require plastic surgery.


Shattered windows, dash panels, and sharp metal can all cause large lacerations and wounds during a truck accident. These wounds can leave permanent scars on a victim’s body, especially on the face, head, and hands.

Internal Organ Damage

The traumatic impact of a truck accident doesn’t just damage the outside of your body. Victims of truck accidents may experience internal bleeding or even organ failure, which can require expensive surgery to treat. Long-term and follow-up care may be necessary depending on the severity of the injuries.

Wrongful Death

All motor vehicle accidents have the potential to be fatal, but especially truck accidents. When a large commercial vehicle collides with a passenger car, victims can unfortunately pass away. If your loved one has died as the result of a trucking accident, you deserve to seek compensation for the emotional agony this has caused you and your family.

How Do Truck Accidents Happen?

Truck drivers have a challenging job taking control of such a large vehicle. When things go wrong because of negligence on the part of the driver or company, an accident may occur, leading to a devastating loss. One of the reasons for this is the vehicle’s size. Trucks are several times larger and heavier than the average motor vehicle, meaning they do a great deal of damage during a collision.

The size of the truck also makes it difficult to make sudden stops to avoid a collision. This is especially true when trucking companies load the truck improperly, making the weight of the trailer uneven or unusually heavy. The driver may be unable to physically stop or change directions even if they should have had enough time to do so.

While the trucking industry is bound by strict laws and regulations to protect drivers and other vehicles, some trucking companies ignore those regulations in favor of extra profits. Fatigued drivers, distracted drivers, and even drivers under the influence can increase the likelihood of a truck accident that leads to severe injury. Unfortunately, even if a trucking company has broken the law, they often have large legal teams on retainer prepared to defend their case.

Should You Hire Our Truck Accident Attorneys?

If you or a loved one has experienced a crash involving a commercial vehicle, you have our deepest sympathies. We understand that no amount of money will bring back your loved one or undo the damage caused by the accident.

However, we also believe that every victim of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing deserves financial compensation for their injuries. We have helped countless victims like you recover their dignity and financial stability by bringing negligent companies and drivers to justice. We promise to leverage our talent, experience, and honesty to bring you the results you need in your truck accident case. Call Shariff Law Firm, PLLC today for a free consultation at 713-244-8392.