Houston, TX
When I have contacted the Shariff Law firm for my parents, we were out of options and I was close to loosing hope. My father was rear ended in a hit and run accident and with nearly 20+ attorneys I have spoken to in the Houston area i was turned away by every single one of them stating it was a tough case. I was told that there wasn't much money to get in this case and that going to trial would also be tough so law firms did not want to put the time towards it. Not giving up, i logged on to Facebook to see if I could get any recommendations. I was given names i had already called before and a few new ones that i added to the list to call the next day. Before logging off , I was connected with Mr. Obaid Shariff. After explaining to him the details of the event, he said its risky but i am willing to help your father out and give it a try. Since then, he kept up with the case, gave me updates and never gave up. I am happy to say, what everyone doubted, Mr.Obaid Shraiff successfully accomplished. He honestly treats people like family, tells you the truth about what may or may not happen. If you are in need of an attorney, save yourself the time and the headache and simply call him. I will give his name on any platform and will never recommend any other lawyer to anyone other than Mr.Obaid Shariff.